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Successfully Trained Another Batch of Basic Videography Course Students.

Look at the video they have created in just 2 days...

For 2 days I was tied up in the studio with 7 interested learners.
They were a mix of working adults and one polytechnic student.

This is one of the best lessons I have conducted.
The participants were so full of energy and ideas.

The video above was mostly their creative input working as a team.
I was only just the actor and content writer while they did the rest.

Day one was about using the camcorder and Day 2 the technique of video editing.
More than technical skills, there was also the art of creating compelling videos.

Video making skill is a requirement in most work places today,
Like knowing how to use the computer, one must know how to make a video.

I am now scheduling the next 2-day Basic Videography Course next month.
You can see the announcement at

Adrian Lee

 PS: Do you foresee video making skill becoming an essential requirement in the work place?


Make Better YouTube Videos for Business with 7 Things

Image by Robert Scoble via Flickr
Have you ever procrastinated making your first YouTube Video to promote your business because you are clueless where to start?  Are you holding back from a promising marketing opportunity because you think your video will look bad?

If you are an owner of a small business, you definitely have heard of the power of online video marketing and you know that entrepreneurs around the world are rushing to make marketing videos for YouTube.

It is easy to pick up any video camcorder and start shooting your own videos.  However after several tries, you may realize that your video is not professional enough to represent a respectable business like yours.

Did you know that you do not have to be a media graduate in order to shoot a professional looking video?

To make a better YouTube video, all you need are these 7 things.

1. Camcorder

What is the best video Camcorder?  This is the first commonly asked question when it comes to making video.  The truth is there is…

At Last! The Forgotten YouTube Video Downloader.

"Adrian, which software can I use for YouTube video download?" "...and how can I convert the YouTube video to other video formats?" I was asked these questions yesterday by my neighbour. My neighbour, a friendly family man,  is a financial planning trainer. He uses lots of high-tech tools and media to communicate his message. So he came across a YouTube video that might enhance his presentation. He wants the video downloaded so that he can play back from his laptop. I, the internet video expert, gave him the ultimate unexpected answer. "There is no need to download any software to download YouTube videos." "There is also no need for any software to convert the YouTube videos." "All you need is, an online video conversion service that is free!" Just Go to and follow the 4 easy steps: Step #1. Enter the YouTube video URL. Example: #2. Select the video format you want to convert to.…

Free Media Player for MTS Video Files

Finally, the free media player for MTS video files is here!  Isn’t this what AVCHD camcorder users have been waiting for?  I have written a tutorial on how you can get the MTS video player now.  Here’s the 5 steps to start playing MTS video files in less than 5 minutes.
Enjoy! Adrian Lee