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Can You Duplicate 7 DVDs within 20 Minutes?

Client: Can You Duplicate 7 DVDs within 20 Minutes?

VideoLane: Yes we can, provided you do not need any customised labels.

So... client and I had a good chat while waiting for the DVDs to bake.

We talked about internet marketing, blogging and the recent Adam Khoo's Seminar hosted by Stuart Tan.

We exchanged our blog URLs and agreed to increase each others website traffic.

The URLs are cleverly named to reflect the Blogs' Topics.

Ok... I'm off to visit the sites now....

Installing A New Business Admin PC In One Hour.

The FREE Compaq Laptop PC has arrived. Came free with the subscription of Starhub Business Broadband. I am now logging the process of setting it up and trasferring data from existing Admin PC. It will be used for email communications, invoicing, quotations, fax, CD DVD printing and label designing.

Here goes...

Connect to broadband internet.Install Zone Alarm free firewall.Deactivate Norton Antivirus.Transfer Outlook Express data. Search google for "How to Backup Outlook Express"Install Invoiceit and Transfer data.Install printer. Download latest drivers.Download and install latest LabelPrint.Transfer clients cd dvd label folders.

Which Camcorder Brand Would You Recommend?

This question is thrown at me again today.

My immediate reply is of course "SONY"!

Then I will follow that by saying Sony is not the cheapest though, but there will be no regrets.

I strongly recommend Sony because I have used other brands in the professional arena like P........, J.. and C.... . I can tell you they are inferior in terms of speed, accuracy and details.

Would you like to press the record button then wait one second or more for the tape to start rolling? No you cannot afford to lose one second in event videography. Sony's record button is immediate.

Would you like your auto focus lens to take one second or more to adjust itself? Again sony has a better response.

Would you like to see the LCD screen at low resolution and changing color when you shift you head just a little? Sony's LCD screens are as good as their TV.

Would you like to download the videos from the camcorder to your PC and find that there is a black margin on the edges? Sony's picture output…

Our Video Portfolio Is Now On YouTube

What is the most efficient way to showcase our works? Put it on YouTube of course.

We have two requests today to view our video portfolio. One request is for a industrial corporate video and the other is for a wedding animated cartoon video.

Instead of travelling to each other to view the samples, or even send a portfolio DVD to the clients, all we have to do is upload the works onto YouTube and that's it.


Click here to view past works. Work of Art. :)

What is Video CD Duplication and Video CD Replication?

The real question is... Do you know the difference between the video CDs that you burn yourself with your PC and the video CDs that you buy from video shops?

The answer is... a world of diference!

In this article, I will attempt to answer in layman terms so that non-technical people might understand.

First, they are manufactured differently. One is BURNED and the other is STAMPED.

CD Burning is also known as CD Writing. This is what you do on your PC if you have a CD writer. You use blank medias called the CDR where R stands for Recordable. The process of burning or writing takes a few minutes as the video data is burned onto the CD track by track. Your PC can only burn one CD at a time. If you need to make more copies of the same CD quickly, you will need to use a CD Duplicator. A CD Duplicator machine is about the size of a desktop PC or bigger and can burn seven or more CDs at a time in a few minutes. CD Duplication is suitable for creation of small quantities of two to 500 CDs.

CD Stam…