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This is so unprofessional of ‪Bluehost‬

Being a PRO hosting customer, I do not expect #Bluehost to deactivate my website and demanding money to reactivate. If it is malware, work with me to get rid of it and not shut down my business without warning.

Bluehost deactivated my VIDEOLANE.COM account based on a detected malware which I must pay Bluehost to resolve. The given "malware.txt" file is not very useful in any way to help at all. Now my business is down and my friends cannot reach me because the email is also deactivated. This is so unprofessional of ‪#‎Bluehost‬.

After hours of deleting suspected files...

I feel extorted. My #Bluehost web hosting company is not reactivating my site, because my cleanup is not good enough. They say they can do it for me at US$250 one time service PLUS US$500 annual malware protection. What am I suppose to do next? 

How to download wordpress database?

Login to cPanel Click “Backups”.Scroll down to Download a MySQL Database Backup. Click on the database to backup Download the backup.h…