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Final Cut Tutorial: Creating 3D Cloud Motion From a Still Image

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to take a 2D image of clouds and use it to create realistic 3D cloud motion, in just a few simple clicks. No cutting up of the image needed!

Lady Gaga Reaches Billion YouTube Views – Gaga Daily

In March, Lady Gaga became the first person to reach one billion views of her music videos on the Internet. Today, she hit the one-billion mark on YouTube alone.

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3 Things Any Video Needs to Go Viral (via Mashable)
Marketers are investing millions of dollars in creating branded video content, from webisodes to viral videos to extended commercials. Why? To engage audiences with authentic, inspiring, entertaining content, and to encourage those viewers to share that content with their friends.

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Will It Blend? - iPhone 4

Tom Dickson getting in trouble by blending the "lost" iPhone 4.