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Making an Animated Shining Text Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make an animated shining/shiny text effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC without using other software or plugins. For more Videography Tips, subscribe to

Adrian Lee

Marina Bay Sands View from the Top

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Filmed a jewelry brand launch party at Ku De Ta on top of Marina Bay Sands. The view from one side is Gardens by the Bay and the other side is the city. The stunning view was captured on video but for client’s use till later date. Here are some images snapped with my iPhone 4 camera and enhanced. Bird’s eye view of Singapore city and my camcorder recording time lapse (iPhone 4 camera with HDR). Original shot without HDR (notice the red sunset sky in the pic above)…Used Superama for this panoramic shot of Gardens by the Bay aerial view and enhanced with Photoshop Express (saturation up 70%, exposure up 70%)…The original before touch up…Have you been to the top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?Adrian Lee

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Cost of Dental Checkup and Cleaning at Polyclinic

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It’s been 17 years since I last visited a dentist during my Navy days. Thanks to Stella, I was finally forced to check the condition of my teeth. An appointment was arranged at the Queenstown Polyclinic. Good news is, according to the young dentist, my teeth are healthy. Bad news is, according to myself, teeth cleaning is like torture. 1. I choked and coughed violently when water ran down my throat. 2. I held back the vomit-inducing feeling when the instruments went deep. 3. The dentist kept telling me to open wider when actually I was tensing my tongue to prevent more water from flowing down my throat. After the whole saga, I realized tears streaked down from the side of my eyes. So anyway, the cleaning (or they call it scaling and polishing) was to remove tiny hard particles built up over time. Dental Scaling: The process of deep cleaning the teeth to remove plaque and minerals bui…

Experiencing Singapore Night Festival 2013

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We arrived at Bras Basah at 11.30pm. The Singapore Night Festival ends 2am. We missed the magic show and circus. So we visited the Singapore Art Museum. The entry was free even after midnight. After walking half the exhibit, we felt miserable. The art topic then was about fighting in the Middle East. There were painted vases, woven rug and video art. They all depicted the dark side of war. We left the museum feeling down. There were favourite parts though, the dancing water fountain…Your browser does not support the video tag…and the interactive wall projection outside. Your browser does not support the video tagWe decided to go home early instead of wandering till 2am. Caught the last bus just in time. No need to wave a cab. Lesson learnt: Study the schedule and location of each show before attending such a huge festival. (We assumed it was like the previous years where there was only one sh…

How to Enhance Natural Sunset Flare with Instagram

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Passed by National Museum of Singapore just before sunset. Snapped it from the upper deck of double decker bus 147. Used my iPhone 4 camera with HDR on while the bus was moving. Instagram- Pressed the sun symbol in camera view mode to turn lux on. - Selected Kelvin filter to increase the reds, hence the flare. This is the image before going into Instagram, also enhanced. Photoshop Express- Pressed the magic wand automatic adjust to brighten darker areas. The darker areas are caused by the bright sunset in the background. Even HDR cannot help to even out the dynamic range. I deleted the original picture because the building was all black. This is the HDR version direct from the iPhone 4 camera. The rectangle structure on the top left was the prop for the Singapore Night Festival magic show. Do you like it?AdrianLee

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