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Make 6 New Referrals With A 3-minute Talk

How My 3-minute Talk Made 6 New Referrals Caught off-guard, I was given 3 minutes to introduce myself and my company in front of 20 business owners. The result? Six hot referrals came rushing in. It feels like striking a triple-7 on a jackpot.29 August 2008, I am inducted as a member of BNI-Rendezvous, a group made up of small business owners that give each other business referrals every week.The funny thing is… 10 years ago, I was invited to join BNI by my Navy friend, Sim Chow Boon, who was also the founder of Singapore’s BNI.Social and business networking is not something in my comfort zone. My Videography business expanded not due to any effort in networking and marketing, but by my video works being passed around and catching attention. My works speak for themselves.So 10 years on, why did I finally decide to join BNI?The simple answer is I am transforming myself from a self-employed to a business owner. I am applying the teachings Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad.Bein…

Strategies That Helped Me Get Top Google Position

3 Strategies That Helped Me Get Top Google Search Position Congratulations! … to myself. My web pages made it to the first page of Google Search natural listing (non-paid) for some popular search keywords that people use to find my business.Here I will share with you the Top 3 Strategies That Helped Me Get Top Google Search Position.Some keywords even made it to the Number 1 spot!My lessons in Google Strategy paid off…3 Strategies That Helped Me Get Top Google Search Position...

What Everybody Ought to Know About Adrian's Personal Life to Include Adrian’s Personal Blogs I am cracking my head whether to blog personal stuff other than Videography and DVD Production.My life is currently revealed in bits and pieces across facebook, twitter, blogspot and MSN.Maintaining several blogs can be tiring and you lose focus when nothing is happening in that area of life.Sometimes they overlap and you have to decide which one to write on. Writing every topic in one blog is going against what Internet Marketing Gurus have taught me.So I checked out some famous blogs and another blog with the same question.My decision? I will experiment for 3 months blogging everything here, in personal life is made up of a wide variety of topics, including social networking, raising kids, maintaining a car, managing real estate, building a business, internet marketing and more.I will only blog the positive and the best experience.This will be a web log for myself, for my family, friends, busine…

SlySoft AnyDVD Version Released

New Version of SlySoft AnyDVD Released

Here is an update from Slysoft with the release of a new version of AnyDVD.List of fixes and improvements: 2008 08 22
- New: Added ISO/UDF image file creation to AnyDVD ripper
- New (Blu-ray & HD DVD): ISO/UDF images can be created with or without
copy protection.
WARNING: AnyDVD can remove the protection from protected images.
Protected images are useless, if AnyDVD is not installed and running!
- New (Blu-ray & HD DVD): Improved speed of AnyDVD ripper
- Fix (Blu-ray): Bug in BD+ removal, if more than one title on a disc
is protected, e.g. “Prison Break Season 3″, US
- Fix (Blu-ray): Bug in “Remove UOPs” with some titles, e.g. “AVP2″
Region B, (UK, Germany)
- Fix (DVD): AI scanner made a mistake with “The Eye”, Region 2, DK
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languagesThe update is free for all registered customers, just install the new version on top of your current version, regardless which version you have installed:

To Choose DV Video Encoder Type 1 or 2 ?

DV Video Encoder Type 1 OR Type 2 When it comes to rendering video to DV format, sometimes we face a delimma of choosing between DV Video Encoder Type 1 and DV Video Encoder Type 2.Here’s a quick answer for video makers using miniDV tape format. Choose DV Video Encoder Type 2.If you want to know why, read the following explanation taken from microsoft site.DV Video Encoder Type-1 MethodThe native DV interleaved stream that is produced and consumed in I/O with a DV device contains DV compressed video and pulse code modulated (PCM) audio data. This single interleaved stream can be stored in an AVI file as “ivas” stream (for interleaved video/audio stream). Microsoft refers to this format as a type-1 DV AVI file.Because the type-1format stores data as a single AVI stream, type-1 DV AVI files are not compatible with VfW. DirectShow, however, easily handles type-1 data streams by routing the streams to a DV Splitter filter that produces a DV-encoded video stream and one or more PCM audi…

How To Convert Video File To PAL DV Format

Convert Any Video File To PAL DV How To Convert Any Video File To PAL DV format using Ulead VideoStudio 11.Do you want to record a video file onto your camcorder but it says your video is NTSC and cannot be done?In Singapore and in most European countries, our TV operate on the PAL system. In the USA and Japan, thier TV operate on the NTSC system. NTSC and PAL are not compatible.
So you will have to convert your NTSC video file to a PAL DV format file.Here is how to convert your NTSC Video File To PAL DV format using Ulead VideoStudio 11.Drag and drop video clip on the time line.Click “Share” from the top menu bar.Click “Create Video File” .Move and hover cursor over “DV”.
Depending on how your VideoStudio was installed… You may see PAL DV (4:3) and PAL DV (16:9)Or you may see NTSC DV (4:3) and NTSC DV (16:9)
If you see PAL DV (4:3) and PAL DV (16:9), great, click on one of them.If you see NTSC DV (4:3) and NTSC DV (16:9), then do the following.Move the cursor from “DV” down and click…

Read My Photo Mode Review of the Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 ...

Photo Mode Review of the Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 After collecting my Sony HDR-SR8 (100GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder) from the Sony service centre, I stopped to test the new Sony HDR-SR12 (10 Megapixel 120GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder) and the Sony HDR-CX12 (High Definition Memory Stick PRO Duo Handycam Camcorder)I only had a few minutes of free time, so I tested these features I wanted to know:How long do I have to wait between snapping photos?How long do I have to wait for the photo flash to recharge?How many photos can I take during video recording and will there be flash?How long do I have to wait between snapping photos?I have bad experiences with slow consumer still cameras. You miss a lot of good candid moments if the camera does not react as quick as your eyes. I hesitate to buy a family still camera because of this. The Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 seem to do fine, instant, though you need to get used to the half click focusing first.There is n…

Online Video Marketing for Any Business

YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business You might like to know that YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business will be released on August 29, 2008.Here is how Amazon describes the book…To any businessperson or marketing professional, YouTube’s 20 million viewers are a tempting target.
How can you tap into the potential of YouTube to promote your business and sell your products or services?
The answers in YouTube for Business show you how to make YouTube part of your online marketing
plan–and drive traffic to your company’s website.
In this book you’ll learn how to:
• Develop a YouTube marketing strategy• Decide what types of videos to produce• Shoot great-looking YouTube videos–on a budget• Edit and enhance your videos• Create a presence on the YouTube site• Manage a video blog• Generate revenues from your YouTube videos• Produce more effective YouTube videos
Includes profiles of successful businesses:• Blendtec• Charles Smith Pottery• Annette La…

My Crumpled Ticket To Singapore NDP 2008...

NDP08 Experience Edited to 6 minutes…August 11th, 2008 YES! I got the ticket to Singapore National Day Parade 2008 at the last minute. It was a Videography assignment to record a group of foreign delegates invited to watch.Simply edited with Ulead VideoStudio 11, here is my best experience in NDP08 in 6 minutes…

The crumpled NDP 2008 ticket from my soaking wet crowded pants pocket… rained!
Can you spot the NDP 2008 ticket on my wall of collectibles?Adrian Lee Blog -
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Service -

How To Put Video On Your Website…

How To Put Video On Your Website… Whether you like it or not, a new kind of internet is here.A “videoized” internet.Ten years ago, video was not common on the internet. But today, video is becoming a standard for websites. (Want proof? Google bought YouTube, the online video sharing site, for $1.65 billion in stock!)What does this mean for YOU?You must ask yourself if you are going to keep up with the new “video” standard.Because if you do, you are going to make EASY PROFITS. You see, your customers are READY for online video right now. They’ve been exposed to the idea already through sites like YouTube and other video sharing sites. And they like it. All you have to do now is start using online video. And there’s a super-useful software tool that is going to help you do that. It’s called VideoWebWizard 2.0.VideoWebWizard 2.0 is computer software program that allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly convert videos in to web format so that you can put them on your website.For exampl…