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Huawei Mate 30 Pro Wins Best Phone Photography Award Without Google Apps

“Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro is also capable of taking professional videos in cinematic tones as its Cine Camera features a maximum ISO of 51,200. This means that the sensor is more sensitive to light and can be used in darker situations as compared with its competitors.” ~ are the top 3 mobile devices for best smartphone videography in 2019.iPhone 11 ProSamsung Note 10 plusHuawei Mate 30 ProWhich will you get? All 3?AdrianLee |

Logitech Buys Streamlabs to Dominate the Game Streaming Industry

“Logitech is expanding its repertoire by snapping up Streamlabs, the company that created the popular livestreaming app Streamlabs OBS. The peripheral-maker has agreed to acquire the company for $89 million in cash and an additional $29 million in stock, though the latter depends on whether it hits significant revenue growth targets.”~ StreamlabsBased in CaliforniaOffers streamers an app to broadcast to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and FacebookThe App allows users to read chats in on a single screenStreamlabs is an app I have downloaded but have not tried. It’s time to try it now on my favourite OBS software.AdrianLee |

Day 2. Lunch break. Video editing class. Foundations covered. Edit, cut, trim, title, and music. Participants will be back after lunch for more exciting stuff. Transitions, effects, superimpose overlays, YouTube video specs, royalty free media, storytelling, and more. ⏩ #videoediting #videocontent #music #videocreation #vlogging #digitalvideo #contentcreation #youtube #royaltyfreemusic #videocreator #media #edit #youtubevideo #storytelling #exciting #lunch #trim #royaltyfree #overlays #title #lunchbreak #effects #transitions #foundations


Half time. Lunch break. Class going well. All corporate learners. Now they know what look out for when hiring video production vendors. Green screen, lighting, lenses, bokeh, interviews, ...and more. ⏩


#Techy #Tuesday #run... 2.5km in 20 minutes with #nikeplus #nikeplusrunclub guided run app... And listening to Charger Original Mix on #Spotifyplaylist through the #SamsungGalaxyBuds on the #SamsungGalaxyS10. Feeling great. πŸ’€πŸ˜΄ 🌝


Time to celebrate a small win... And count down to the next big one. 😱 πŸŽ‰ 🎈 πŸ•πŸš© Join the party ⏩ #youtube #videocreation #videocontent #contentcreation #vlogging #videoediting #digitalvideo


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for Content Creators

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 may be the most powerful Android tablet. Not just being powerful in performance for lag-free gaming, it also has the “air-action” S Pen, dual camera, 10.5-inch display, and Samsung DEX for that PC-like multitasking experience.Is this a tablet I want to buy? Is it designed for the content consumer or the content creator?Let’s find out.Price | Reviews | Keyboard | vs iPad Pro | Release DatePriceAs at September 2019.
Galaxy Tab S6 (Wi-Fi only) 128GB: S$998
Galaxy Tab S6 (LTE) 128GB: S$1,098
Galaxy Tab S6 (LTE) 256GB: S$1,298Release DateThe Tab S6 went on sale 24 August 2019 in SingaporeReviews“The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a highly accomplished Android tablet. It’s great for media and almost as good for productivity. It’s expensive, but still cheaper than its main rival – the iPad Pro. However, it’s also not quite as good as Apple’s Pro range.” ~“The Galaxy Tab S6 is Samsung’s Android-based answer …

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#Monday evening 2.9km #run in 22 minutes with #SamsungGalaxyBuds playing #madonna80s on #Spotify. Sidenote: Before Spotify, I was playing a podcast by #GaryVee interviewing #MarieForleo... It depleted my energy so fast I was nearly out of breathe. πŸ€•


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A durian Christmas tree!!! 😱 Wide #selfie taken with #SamsungGalaxyS10


It's cold outside... #holiday


If you are looking for the only one who really explain face tracking well 😱, watch this smartphone gimbal turorial video... ⏩ #gimbal #vlogging #videocontent #video #videocreation #contentcreation #smartphone #android #samsunggalaxys10 #zhiyunsmooth4 #shoot #digitalvideo #recording


Samsung Wireless Charger

The cool thing about wireless charging... no wires and connectors to fiddle with. The not-so-cool thing about wireless charging... I can't use the phone at the same time. #samsungwirelesscharger #samsunggalaxys10 #SamsungGalaxyBuds


5 Most Profitable Digital Course

Monday evening #run. 3.2km in 25 minutes. With #Spotifyplaylist Motivation Mix, #SamsungGalaxyBuds, #SamsungGalaxyS10, and #NikeRunClub.


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Best Camera for Travel Vlogging

If you want to capture great videos and fully enjoy your oversea trip, then this is for you. 1. Small 2. Rugged 3. Waterproof This one is for my daughter's overseas student exchange program trip. The GoPro Hero7 Black. ⏩ #videocontent #videography #shoot #vlogging #digitalvideo #videocreation #gopro #camera #travelvideo


My Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Lived for 4 Years

If you are looking for the best and longest-lasting rechargeable AA battery, this is it… at least for me.The Energizer 2300mAh rechargeable AA battery.Started using it since October 2014.Recharged it about 3 times a month.Lasts 8 hours on a Sennheiser G3 mic.Won’t recharge anymore about 6 months ago.The charging dock is still working well.I have another set of 4, but I have to buy a new set as back up for my work.Which rechargeable battery do you use?Adrian Lee |

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