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Ramen Review on Our Anniversary

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'Ramen Review on Our Anniversary'

28 September 2011. Ramen Champion @ iluma. A simple treat to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Heard about the ramen champions and this is our first visit. 6 stalls to choose from. They all looked the same on menu. I picked the one that caught my eye first when we arrived.Ever since the Hokkaido trip, I appreciate authentic Japanese ramen, especially the char siu set.The warm soup exuded sesame oil aroma. The noodles smooth and bouncy. The soft golden egg yolk just flowed in my mouth. Of course the 2 huge slices of char siu was the tastiest part. Noted the length of noodles were just right to lift them into my spoon without the need to cut halfway. I don’t mind a second round but that was a rather big bowl. What better way to celebrate the occasion with Japanese beer from Kirin.We will be back to visit the other 5 stalls. Adrian Lee

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