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5 Characteristics of Outstanding Bosses

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, '5 Characteristics of Outstanding Bosses'

5 Characteristics of Outstanding Bosses these five things and your business will benefit greatly. More importantly, so do your employees.1. Train and mentor employees.
Spend time developing the skills of employees and business goals will be achieved naturally.2. Deal with problems immediately.
Handle every issue head-on, no matter how small. When you ignore a problem, you lose respect.3. Step up coaching on worst employee.
A struggling employee has lots of upside. Mentor him and you make a huge difference.4. Serve employees, not yourself.
Act as if you are less important than your employees. When your team succeeds, your business succeed.5. Give employees hope for greater things.
The higher you rise the greater the impact you can make—and the greater your responsibility to make that impact.Adrian Lee

Weirdest Bird-like Bird Poop on My Car

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Look carefully at this natural work of art that fell from the sky. What do you see?When I spotted it, I quickly parked the car and grabbed my iPhone to record this strange looking splatter. Lee
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Memories of Watertown Punggol Showflat

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These photos of Watertown Showflat are for my records until 2017, when the complete building at Punggol will be up.Until 2017…Adrian Lee

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My Food Blog on Pasta and Beer

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Do they serve beer at TCC? Yes. One of them is called it Berry Mint Beer.
A drinking and dining experience with business friends in TCC @ Seah Street.
Name of this pasta dish? Penne Mama Mia. Creamy cheesy and tiny (too small a serving for an adult meal).Adrian Lee

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iPhone Instagram Color Effects Before and After

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I was amazed at the brilliant colors in my kid’s accessories box, so I took some pictures and played with the color effects in Instagram.Before Instagram.After Instagram. Kelvin filter was applied. Enjoy!
Adrian Lee
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Ten Tips on How to Look Good on Camera

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Remove flashy and noisy jewelry.If you are wearing glasses, be sure they are non-glare.Get rid of dark eye circles and bags by placing lights below your face and shoot upwards.If you have long hair, put it behind your shoulders.Get rid of any shine on your skin.Avoid loose flyaway hairs with hairspray or gel.Women. Do not apply trendy make-up. Go for clean classic make-up that will never be outdated.Women. Use soft neutral lipstick color that complements your skin.Men. If you have thinning hairline, you may use matching color eye shadow to fill in the hairless spaces.Men. Keep your skin looking healthy. Use moisturizer and eye cream.Bonus Tip: Wrinkles? No make-up can fix wrinkles. The secret is skin care, eat well and sleep well.Extract from On Camera: How To Report, Anchor & Interview by Nancy Reardon.These are some pointers I gathered from chapter nineteen of the book I am reading right no…

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