Internet Video Workshop - for Singapore Entrepreneurs

Are You a Starting a New Business? Do You Have a Desire to Create a Youtube Video to Promote Your Business? Are You Interested in Saving Time and Money by Learning How to Make Your Own Online Videos?

This 1-day workshop is definitely for you!

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Join me for a day of intense, comprehensive, entertaining and informational training at VideoLane Studio in Bukit Merah Central, Singapore.

Here’s what you will be able to do by the end of this 1-day workshop:
  1. How to write a simple video script
  2. How to shoot a talking head video
  3. How to make screen capture video
  4. How to do simple edit and text overlay
  5. How to lay and mix music under video
  6. How to render to a video master
  7. How to upload video to Youtube
Here’s more of what you will get:
  • Video equipment and lighting all set up and ready to record.
  • Mingle with other entrepreneurs to share and get feedback on your 60 second business video script.
  • Record your sales pitch on camera on the spot.
  • Edit and post your video on Youtube.
  • Most importantly, learn the correct way to post video online for your business.
At the end of the day, you will have your first video online!

I made this hands-on workshop so easy I guarantee your success, or you don’t pay!

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Adrian Lee
Video On The Move…
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