Breakthrough! Create a 30-second Video Ad in Half an Hour...

The objective was to promote a website.

To generate traffic to

Text and graphic content were all from the website.

Here's the whole process done in half an hour.
  1. Use Corel VideoStudio.
  2. Copy and paste the headlines and sub-headlines.
  3. Copy and paste the ebook 3D cover graphic.
  4. Copy and paste 5 points from the list of benefits.
  5. Copy and paste the call-to-action texts for the last scene.
  6. Re-arrange and resize texts. Use black and white for simplicity.
  7. Select and add a catchy music track. VideoStudio comes with some automatic music that resize itself to fit the duration of the video.
  8. Select and add sound effects of a crowd cheering in the background.
  9. Animate the texts.
  10. Animate the ebook cover graphic.
  11. Fine tune the overall video so that the music beat syncs with the visuals.
  12. Render to WMV in high resolution.
Finally the video clip was uploaded to 30 over video-sharing, social and bookmarking sites using Traffic Geyser.

Writing this blog article took longer than creating the video. Hmmmmm...

Adrian Lee
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