18 Essential Ingredients to a Successful Viral Video...

I just came across 2 articles which I think sum up what goes into making a successful viral video

Here are 8 tips to make your YouTube video go viral by David Meerman Scott...

Tip # 1 – Homemade is just fine. You don’t need to hire a professional.

Tip #2 –Your video should be no longer then 2 minutes (preferably less). Think very short.

Tip #3 -- Make your description clear and specific. Use descriptive keywords that people will search.

Tip # 4 -- Don't attempt "stealth" fake customer insertions to YouTube. The YouTube community is remarkably skilled at ratting out inauthentic video.

Tip #5 – Try a series of similar videos to build interest. Sometimes a series of videos works great.

Tip #6 – Tell everyone about your video! It takes time to build an audience.

Tip # 7 – Make sure bloggers know about the video. Sending a link to the video to bloggers or commenting on other people's blogs.

Tip #8 – Experiment a lot to find something that hits. Try a number of things in order to get that elusive hit.

Then here are Ten Viral Marketing Best Practices by Bill Sweetman...

#1 . Think high concept: The viral ‘thing,’ whatever shape or form it takes, has to be highly provocative in some way.

#2. Work backwards from the headline: Think about what the headline of the blog entry.

#3. Keep it simple: You have to hook people fast.

#4. Humour Sells: Nothing says viral better than a good belly laugh.

#5. Sex Sells: But that’s way too easy.

#6. Big Names Sell: A viral marketing concept that leverages a well-known person.

#7. Topicality Sells: A viral marketing concept that is ‘torn from today’s headlines’ can have a leg up.

#8. Don’t Try Too Hard: If you ask, or beg, for viral pass-along status, chances are people will see right through you.

#9. Reality Sells: What often works best in the viral space is unvarnished content by real people, or at least made to look that way.

#10. Mystery Sells: Everyone loves a good mystery.

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Here's one viral video that used most of the ingredients... Enjoy!

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