Videographer Shoots in HD, Delivers on Blu Ray

Most common question this week: "Do you shoot in HD (High Definition video)?"

Of course I shoot in HD. That's the professional standards today.

Home consumer videocams these days are HD. Professional videographers better be higher than that.

Gone are the days of recording on tape. Gone are the days of DV. I am ebaying away all my tape machines.

The next question you should ask is: "How do you deliver?"

Tapes are replaced with memory cards and hard disks. A videographer will not give you a memory card or a hard disk. It will be blu ray disc.

What's more: "Can I travel overseas to shoot?"

Yes! My video cam can record HD in both NTSC and PAL. That means I can shoot in the US, in Europe, Japan, China, Asia... except underwater.

So the next time anyone wants a professional HD videographer, here I am!

Adrian Lee
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