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Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Multicamera Editing

Sony Vegas Pro 8 makes it easier to edit videos from different cameras right from the timeline. You can capture and edit video for a single scene from 2 or more cameras or for a single scene shot a few times with one camera.

Here is a tutorial of a Multicamera Edit of a drama I shot. The drama was acted out four times to the public and being a non-profit organization, the client have budget only for one videographer. For each of the 4 acts, the camcorder (Sony HDR-FX7 High Definition Camcorder) was placed at 4 different positions and shot in various angles.

Multicamera edit is accomplished in only 8 steps with the Sony Vegas Pro 8.

Step #1: Capture Multicamera Video Clips

Use the normal Sony Vegas Video Capture function to capture recordings from each camera. Give each capture filename a unique name. Enable scene detection before capturing so that each segment is captured as a separate clip.

Step #2 : Layout Video Clips on Timeline

Drag and drop video clips over each other on the timeline.

Step #3 : Synchronize Multiple Video Clips

Synchronize the video clips using the audio waveform as reference. Identify obvious peaks and valleys patterns. Drag the clips till they align over each other. Play and listen to ensure audio is synchronized.

Step #4 : Select Tracks for Multicamera Edit

Select the tracks that the video clips are laid on. Press and hold the CONTROL key while clicking on the track numbers on the left.

Step #5 : Create Multicamera Track

From the Tools menu, select Multicamera, and click "Create Multicamera Track".

Vegas Pro 8 combines the the 4 tracks into 1 Multicamera track.

Step #6 : Enable Multicamera Edit

From the Tools menu, select Multicamera, and click "Enable Multicamera Editing". Also select "Edit Multicamera Audio with Video".

In Multicamera editing mode, the Video Preview window switches into multi-screen mode. Each screen is called a "Take". The active take is enclosed with a coloured border.

Step #7 : Edit Video by Choosing Takes

Play the video on the timeline. Watch all the small screens in action in the Video Preview Window. Look out for a good take. Choose the good take by clicking on it. When you choose a take, Vegas Pro automatically cuts the video clip.

Step #8 : Turn Off Multicamera Edit and Fine Tune

When you have completed your multicamera editing, turn off multicamera editing mode. Select Tools > Multicamera > Uncheck "Enable Multicamera Editing".

When multicamera mode is off, the Video Preview Window goes back to one clip. The video tracks remain as one track with the segments neatly cut and joint. Now continue to edit the finer points using the traditional Sony Vegas Video Editing features.

Step #9 : Always Remember to SAVE Your Work

At first the Multicamera edit process seems tedious, but with practice, everthing is easy. I would say the Multicamera Edit feature proves to be the best upgrade since Sony Vegas 4.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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