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Super delicious #birthday #chocolate lava #cupcakes baked by my kiddos.

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Promo | Next IT Fair in SG

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?88 days to…IT SHOW 2020 | 12 – 15 March 2020 | 11 am to 9 pm | Suntec SingaporeIn the meantime, let’s check out these time-limited online deals.Week #50 Bestsellers and Promo Nintendo Switch BEST 30 GAMES CollectionS$199 S$129 | Aukey NEW 10000mAh Small and Light PowerbankS$30 S$20 | HP Deskjet Copy Print Scan ALL-IN-ONE PrinterS$80 S$60 | Amazon Basic Kindle 2019 4GB Tablet ReaderS$190 S$129 | Sony PlayStation 4 Original DualShock 4 Wireless ControllersS$80 S$60 | Apple AirPods Gen 2 Wireless Bluetooth EarphonesS$299 S$200 | NEW Nintendo Switch ConsoleS$500 S$389 | SanDisk Extreme Portable 1TB SSDS$229 S$149 | SAMSUNG Micro SDXC EVO PLUS 256GB Memory SD CardS$89 S$59 | Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GbS$1299 S$969 | DJI Osmo Mobile 3S$159 S$139Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

It’s My Birthday and I Have a Gift for Me | Adrian’s Journal #191214

A birthday present for me from me?Here you go… Take a day off and enjoy every moment today.Thanks!From the Journal of Adrian Lee – balance in the essence of my birthday cake .Thanks, kids, for the cake.Thanks for the cool weather.

Finding balance in my birthday cake ingredient. #vanilla #bottle #balance

Guess what seeds are these? #garden #seeds

Look up! What do you see? An urban jungle, or just a tree?

One More Day to My Birthday | Adrian’s Journal #191213

One more day to go… it’s my birthday tomorrow… time to recap my achievements… and make some new commitments.What tasks am I going to complete today ? Finish what I’ve started then go out to play.Let’s go outside.What do you do the day before your birthday?Reply in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee –’s challenges…Personal.And many many more…Update my Video Marketing Strategy: While taking the time to create a 5-minute video, do the intro and outro first and post it on social media as a teaser. Include magic. Tik Tok loves magic… Linkedin too surprisingly… Create 5 posts per week on VIDEOLANE.COM including a DaVinci resolve training, Zhiyun smooth 4, DVD Creation, and Smartphone tricks. Also Google News. YT Q&A. Documentation.Complete ATEM Mini Review part 4. Preview monitoring.Post ATEM/HDMI set up Videos on …. It WORK$!Po…