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The night view from our city resort bedroom is what my dreams are made of. 🀩🀩🀩

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Our city penthouse resort. Have a great weekend... πŸ˜ƒ

Samsung Galaxy S10 Missing Pro Video Camera Mode Solved | Digital Lifestyle Report

What happened on Friday? What’s up this weekend?It’s Saturday! Going across the border with the family for a weekend of rest and relax. Yes, staying overnight. Feeling excited. Pictures coming in the next post.So, what about yesterday? Planned a video. Shot another video. Nothing edited. No video posted. Feeling unproductive.There is one breakthrough discovery though. An app to take the place of the missing pro video camera mode in my Samsung Galaxy S10.All I need is manual controls overWhite balanceExposure andFocusI am not talking about photography, but about VIDEO.Tried Adobe Premiere Rush camera. There are manual controls, but they stop working and go back to automatic after pressing the record button. That’s bad.Tried the camera in the Zhiyun ZY Play app. There are manual controls. Works when recording. Resets to auto after every recording. That’s annoying.Tried the camera in the Feiyu On app. No manual controls at all.Finally, the app I used to recommend but overlooked.Open Came…

If you find my YouTube video about the smartphone gimbal well explained, please leave a comment. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ ▶ Thanks Papy! #digital #explained #youtubevideo #video #mobile #gimbal #smartphones #innovation #android #apple #technology #tech #youtube #videomarketing #review #videoproduction #zhiyun #zhiyunsmooth4 #smooth4 #samsung #samsunggalaxys10 #samsungs10 #galaxys10 #smartphonegimbal #smartphone #iphone

How To Edit Videos Faster | Digital Lifestyle Report

What happened yesterday? What worked? What did not work?Welcome to today’s not so private Journal.YouTube video planner worked. Yesterday I mentioned using Google Keep to list out all my YouTube video ideas that I want to create. It worked. One video is produced and posted this morning.My first long edited video. 9 Minutes Plus. My YouTube videos had always been less than 5 minutes. With the YouTube video planner, I was able to plan all the key points I want to present.The 9-minute video took 15 hours to create and post. One hour of planning and research. 4 hours of shoot. 7 hours of editing. 2 hours of posting and sharing. This is too long.How to reduce the video creation process to 8 hours?Research. Google keep in checkbox mode is great for listing and rearranging key points. 1 hour is good timing. Nothing to improve here at the moment.Shoot. 1 hour can be saved. Time was wasted in … setting up lights, setting up microphone, clearing the presentation table space, dressing up and Gro…

Google Trends for Research on the Go | Digital Lifestyle Report

What happened? What worked? What did not work?You are reading my half private journal.Digital dream…while I slept. I bought an e-scooter … a black one. Rode around a scenic beach resort. Reminded myself to take pictures and videos to document and post online.Amzn. 89 clicks. 1 item sold. 3 items shipped . Earned $2.56. Items sold were not listed by me. Items related to HDMI cable setup. Notable item I could add to my list is the smallrig clamp mount for DSLR gimbal.Blog idea. Accessories for atomos ninja star recorder using clamp mount and the HDMI coiled cable. Present three possible applications.YouTube video content creation planner. I have too many ideas floating around but don’t know where to start. So I created a planner using Google Keep with checkbox mode turned on.Google Trends. Being mobile I can’t rely on my laptop to make keyword research. So the next best thing is Google Trends where I can see related keywords and possible search volume.Adrian’s social media marketing str…

Panoramic shot taken with my Samsung Galaxy S10 on the roof top playground of Tiong Bahru Plaza.