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Changed TikTok Profile | Adrian’s Journal #200121

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Adrian’s Journal #200120

My body feels heavy. It’s stuck tight to the bed. All that spring cleaning is taking effect. This is not a dream. This is a waking nightmare. What happened yesterday?Spring cleaned the balcony garden…Updated… LinkedIn profile About me description…’s happening today?Write article about editing 360-degree videos.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #200119

My brother is now into YouTube video creation. This corporate finance leader had never shown interest in my craft before. I must be dreaming… Yes indeed I am.What happened yesterday?Edited and Uploaded… Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Review Part 3… Enjoyed mother’s cranberry layered cake…Spring cleaning…What’s happening today?More spring cleaning.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #200118

Salmon comes alive and swims in water after assembling the cut up fish pieces from the freezer. Bazaar. I saw that on the internet. It is most likely a hoax video. It’s definitely just my nightmare. Yes, it is.What happened yesterday really?Uploaded Youtube video… Solved… Screen Timeout Keeps Resetting To 30 Seconds on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Dinner at NEX with kiddo and wifey… Graffiti Cafe… wanton noodles…Bought and unboxed Xiaomi True wireless Earbuds TWSEJ02LM for kiddo . White. Rubber eartips. S$59. From NEX xiaomi store…’s going to happen today?Finish what I have started and spring clean the house.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Screen Timeout Keeps Resetting To 30 Seconds on Samsung Galaxy S10… Solved!

Why does the screen timeout keeps changing back to 30 seconds on my Samsung Galaxy S10? It’s annoying… and here’s the solution… From the Journal of Adrian Lee – Enjoy this animated gif…

Adrian’s Journal #200117

Free goodie bags on one side. Free drinks on the other side. Each entitled to one person only. Just pick one from the table. No one is in charge. No one is grabbing more than one goodie bag. Now I’m worried coz 4 of us left our free rooms with the keys still there. Where is this place? The street is covered with white snow. Lovely. Let’s stay for one night with the family. Alarm sounded. I woke up.What happened yesterday?Updated blog post… Zhiyun Smooth Q2 vs Zhiyun Smooth 4 – Which Is Better?… With comparison chart… lotus timelapse. 20 hours… Of no action… Small sprouts don’t grow overnight.Started Lotus timelapse day 7… In vertical mode.Confirmed a customized video editing class on 6th February and customized smartphone video workshop on 7th February 2020… Video Production Course SingaporeNoted… Quik is available for download here… IPhone app store……

Mount Faber Hike Shot on Samsung Galaxy S10 and Zhiyun Smooth Q2

Shot entirely with my pocket-sized gimbal, the Zhiyun Smooth Q2… on my Samsung Galaxy S10 native camera app 4K… what do you think? … Other than physically training for our mountain hiking trip, I am also testing various portable camera gear to bring along.In this test, I am documenting the Mount Faber hike with…Samsung Galaxy S10 native camera 4KZhiyun Smooth Q2 pocket-size gimbalAdobe Premiere Rush for mobile editsWhat else am I missing? What do you think?This is part of my Zhiyun Smooth Q2 review… the Journal of Adrian Lee – Enjoy this animated gif…