Huawei Nova 3i Specs

Huawei is launching a mid-range phone on 26 July 2018.

The attraction is the camera specs, the memory, and the price.

What are the 3 Selling Points?

24MP AI Dual front camera + 16MP AI Dual rear camera



What are the Other Specifications?

6.3-inch FHD HUAWEI FullView display

Kirin 710 with AI capabilities

3340mAh long-life battery with standby time up to 300 hours

Dual 4G SIM slot

Operating System:
Android 8.1 + EMUI 8.2

It has all the reasons why I bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.

What I don't like about it?

The dual cameras do not have the tele-zoom lens.
The second camera is only 2MP, included just for the depth of field (blur background) effect.

That means it's designed for photography and not videography.
And a very limited photography I would say, coz there's no zoom.

What can be better?

Look out for the Xiaomi Mi A2 if on a low budget.

Otherwise look out for iPhone 9 and iPhone 11.

Both coming out soon.

Youtube Trend 2018 - Sent Me is the New Unboxing

So I read this article about a 2018 YouTube Trend...


Similar to unboxing videos, rephrased with the words "sent me".

Let me try it on this video.

Before I do anything, it looks like this.

Published on 16 July 2018. As of 21 July 2018, there are 80 views.

The title was "Moza Mini-MI Review Part 1- Unboxing and First look".

Changed it to "Someone Sent Me the Moza Mini-Mi - What's Inside?"

Leave me a comment sometime later to find out the result.

MacOS:Spigot-AX [PUP] Found in MacBook Pro

Today I scanned my MacBook Pro with AVG Antivrus.

It found 6 instances "MacOS:Spigot-AX [PUP]" in Chrome.

What is Spigot Malware? 

"Spigot is a term used to describe potentially unwanted applications developed bySpigot Inc. Adware created by this company installs together with free software using a deceptive software marketing method called 'bundling'." -

What is a PUP Virus?

"A Potentially Unwanted Program, also called in short as PUP, is a software that contains adware, installs toolbars or has other unclear objectives. The term “Potentially Unwanted Program” was given by McAfee to avoid labelling downloadable programs asmalware." -

Quarantined and deleted.

I have been using AVG for over 10 years and love it.

Come to think of it, is there an Android version?

AVG AntiVirus for Android

I use the Android more often than my MacBook Pro.

I do more transactions with my smartphone too.

YES! There is.

Installed and activated.

Feeling safe now.

How are you protecting your data?

Adrian Lee

Raising the Desktop Audio Recording Volume with OBS Studio on Mac

Here's how I raised the desktop audio recording volume.

You have to record and playback to hear the difference.

The best setting I found was 300% which is nearly the same as what I hear live.

Here are the midi settings.

Here is the OBS Audio Setting.

This is a quick note to self.

Feel free to comment and ask questions about the setting.

Adrian Lee

Steemit: I Signed Up

What is Steemit? Why did I sign up?

I heard about it a long time ago and only today, I joined.

Visit my account ▶︎

Steemit is a social networking platform with rewards.

The reward is in the form of digital currency called "Steem".

This blockchain thingy is what made me sign up.

You post good content, you make some cryptocurrency.

Facebook doesn't pay you for posting content.

When did Steemit Start?

Steemit started in July 2016.

I hesitated to join because it was in Beta stage.

Funny thing is, it's July 2018 and it's still in Beta.

Beta to me means it's still experimenting with the concept.

But what the heck. I have nothing to lose and I have content to share.

So I'm in.

How does Steemit work?

"There are three digital tokens that make up the Steemit ecosystem: STEEM, Steem Power (SP) and Steem Dollars. STEEM. STEEM is the foundational cryptocurrency of the Steemit network. STEEM can be exchanged for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies via several prominent exchanges." -

Here’s how it works: 
Post valuable content. Readers vote up or vote down. More votes equal more money (Steem).

How to make money (Steem) on Steemit?

Earn STEEM by being active in the Steemit community, post content, comment, share, and network. The more valuable contributions you make, the more STEEM you should earn.

What can I post on Steemit?

Any legal content. Users can post anything they want, whether it be phrases, quotes, blogs, anecdotes, photos, videos, memes, songs, and more.

Videos! My thing.

How to post videos on Steemit?

You cannot upload a video directly on Steemit. You can paste the URL link to the video from DTube, YouTube, or Vimeo.


What is DTube?

DTube is a video hosting website that runs on the Steemit platform. DTube pays you to post videos! It allows users to upload videos and make money (cryptocurrency) via the upvotes or likes on their post.

Oh great! An alternative to YouTube. Let's sign up.

I logged in to DTube using the same Steemit username and password.

Come check it out ▶︎!/c/adrianleeyc

Oh, look! I already have $0.15, 5 subscribers and a Busy Blog.

Busy Blog? 5 subscribers already?

What is a Busy Blog? 

This is the link I got ▶︎

Isn't this the same as the Steemit blog?

This is getting too overwhelming.

I will find out later after I get started on DTube.

Who are the 5 Followers?

They could be default followers. I will know later.

To be continued...

Adrian Lee

Can I post affiliate links? Looks like there is no problem.
Can I place links back to YouTube? Most Steemers are doing it.

Does a Huge Database of Wordpress Images Slow Down Your Site?

After deleting all tags, now images.

Of course, I am not getting rid all of them.

There are over 4000 images and I know I don't need most of them anymore.

Things like event brochures that date back to 2015.

Let's go on a deleting spree.

I will be back with the speed result.

Do WordPress Tags Slow Down Your Site?

This morning, I deleted every tag from AVI blog.

All 2600 of them.

It may be the cause of site slow down. 

Deactivated Title to Tags plugin too.

I don't think tags are important anymore.

It's not even helping my SEO.

Nor is it helping my readers. 

As I delete batch by batch, I can feel the site getting a little quicker. 

Is it really working? Does this method help?

I'm not talking about meta tags but WordPress tags... Or sometimes they call it "terms".

So to speed things up, I installed Mass Delete Tags plugin.

Here's the website.

I will be back with the speed test result. 

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