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What NatGeo camera and lens is required to capture this shot? Zoom into the image to examine the awesome detail of the wings. This is a silhouette of the same smiling dragonfly from the previous post. #xiaomi #mia2 #singaporebotanicgardens #dragonfly #naturephotography #adrianvideoimage #adrianleeyc #androidography

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Have you ever seen a smiling dragonfly? I bumped into this fella in the gardens. Took a picture with the Xiaomi Mi A2. #xiaomi #mia2 #naturephotography #dragonfly #garden

Feeling like a natgeo photographer capturing nature, but with a Xiaomi Mi A2. I love the closeups of the dragonfly and the black swan couple. Want too see the results? #xiaomi #mia2 #android #photography #adrianvideoimage #adrianleeyc

Xiaomi Mi A2 Singapore

As I grow more and more attached to my Mi A1, Xiaomi announced the launch of Mi A2.

Ok, the back story first.

Mi A1 The Mi A1 is my first Android phone since I switched away from the iPhone.
I chose Mi A1 mainly because it runs on stock Android ONE Operating System.
I prefer that so that I don't have to fall in love and get stuck with any other OS.
The Mi A1 can do everything I want that the iPhone can't.
Basic things like multitasking and custom tweaking.
The only problem is the camera.
Yes, the video camera isn't great on the Mi A1.
Poor exposure and focus hunting problems.
I thought of switching back to iPhone coz of the camera.
Then comes Mi A2.

Mi A2 It's actually the international version of Mi 6X only available in China.
I have already seen video tests of the Mi 6X on Youtube and it has improved tremendously.

To be continued...

Testing the Xiaomi Mi A2 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens #mia2

Finished editing? Let's lock all the tracks so that they can't be accidently moved. #videography #videoediting #premierepro

GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer Moza Mini-MI

Is your smartphone stabilizer also a GoPro gimbal?

Here's how I fit my GoPro Hero5 Black on my Moza Mini-Mi smartphone gimbal.

The Moza Mini-MI, The GoPro Hero5 Black, and the Mi A1 Android phone.
Let me show you how I use my smartphone stabilizer as a GoPro gimbal.

Things you need:
1. Moza Mini-Mi smartphone gimbal
2. GoPro Hero5 Black
3. Gekkopod Smartphone Mount