Real Time Web Site Visitor Tracking with Sound Alert

Clicky Web AnalyticsI stumbled across a free download that makes PC desktops look better and easier to use.

It came packaged with VistaStartMenu, Yahoo Widgets and Zune Desktop Theme.

I was thrilled to discover that one of the Yahoo Widgets can display Google Adsense earnings in real time without logging in. This saved me a lot of hassle as I have the obsession of checking my Adsense earnings almost every hour.

Then I thought to myself, what about web stats? Is there a Yahoo Widget that can display website statistics in real time?

I couldn't find one in Yahoo Widgets, but since I know the posibility of such widgets exist, I searched Netvibes' widgets.

There is a web analysis widget that closely match what I want. It tracks and displays website vistors in real time based on Clicky Web Analytics service. I placed the code in my website pages and the numbers started counting in the widget in real time. No need to refresh the page.
Clicky Web Analytics

Again I was not fully satisfied. I wanted it to make a sound when the numbers change, so I don't have to keep tracking website visitors visually (I'm also obsessed with website traffic stats). So I searched again.

Clicky claims to be a better web analytics than Google Analytics. Indeed it's true. It has a RSS feed for the real time stats. So now all I have to do is find a desktop RSS reader that generates a sound alert whenver there is a new feed.

This RSS reader is Klipfolio. Just configure Klipfolio to read Clicky Website Statistics RSS feed every 5 minutes and set the alert sound.

Now I can hear my website traffic, as though people are really walking into my office. Then at a glance at my Klipfolio dashboard, I can see which country my visitors are coming from and how they arrived at my site.

Klipfolio is free, but the RSS feature of Clicky is free for only 30 days.
Clicky Web Analytics

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

This is the best part, I love the SPY feature in Clicky which you can watch the paths of your website visitors as they click through your pages. Now I'm obsessed with this. Go try Clicky now. It's exciting! Clicky Web Analytics
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