Build a Website With Free Online Tools and Video Widgets

Building a professional website have become so easy with new free tools and free widgets.

I have my own website since 1998 and it has undergone many changes and face-lifts with 100 pages and over.

The 2008 web site revamp was in line with my new business direction as well as clients' feedback.

Simple Content Management System

Clients found the website navigation hard to follow with difficulty finding what they want.

So I changed the whole template from a 1-column website to a 3-column website, from a top-menu drop-down navigation system to a side-menu navigation system. The side-menu bar is always visible as compared to a drop-down menu.


Thanks to CMSimple, a simple online content mangement system, the change in template was done within 1 hour, though the site has over 100 web pages.

Everything is done online. Nothing to upload except new graphics and widgets.

Free Online Logo Design

Since the size of the graphic header is changed due to a different template, I had to redesign a new one.

I thought why not take this opportunity to make a new company logo too. Not really new but an upgraded version. From flat to 3D.

From flat...

to 3D...

The new logo was generated in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to CoolText.

This free online logo creator was so quick and easy that I created several versions for future use in different media.

Money Money Money

Making money is also free.

Compared with the previous website design, I shrunk Google Adsense to the tiniest size and put it in the far corner.

I could have done away with Adsense because I am selling a service on my site, BUT that's leaving money on the table!

Dynamic Web Pages for Humans and Google

There is a date function on the top right hand corner of the site to make it look fresh. As fresh as that lime. Though not Google-friendly, free javascripts are useful tools to enhance user experience on your site.

Then there is the video widget, the Blinkx video wall. This little thing makes a web page come alive. I set this up to link to my own Revver videos, thus making MORE money! (Later I might change the set up to link to my new channel when it is more populated with videos... easier money there...)

Unlike a blog, this website is not updated regularly. Once the content is up, it stays there for a few months.

The only way to make the site dynamic is to add an RSS feed.

Track Track Track

Finally, tracking website visitors movement is free. I check daily where my site visitors are coming from, what keywords they are searching for and where do they go after that.

I use 2 tracking systems, AddFreeStats and Google Analytics.

Not Everything is Free

Everything is free except for the domain name and web hosting.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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