6 Steps to Make Money Sharing Videos on WeShow

I have just created another passive income website. A social media site that makes money while sharing other people's videos. Here are the six steps I went through.
Step #1 : Sign up an account at http://www.weshow.com/ .

This is quick, only a minute. No need to reply to any confirmation email. Just enter your email, user name, password and birthdate.

Step #2 : Set up your personal profile and photo.

Describe yourself. Submit a photo. Add your website URL.

Step #3 : Create a video community.

This is the social thing. Create a group and share your passion or rather share videos that relate to your passion.

Step #4 : Add videos to your video community.

Start adding videos. I suggest using the search function. When you want to add a video to your community, just click the "Plus" button.

Step #5 : Setup "Make Money" with Google Adsense Account Information.

This is how you make money. WeShow will share 50% of income generated from Adsense. You got to have a Google Adsense account first.

Step #6 : Invite like-minded people to your video community.

Tell other's to visit your video community. Send out emails. Blog about it. Stumble it. Digg it.

Hey! Visit my WeShow Video Community...

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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