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Adrian’s Journal #191129

End of the week. Nearly the end of the year. Time to wrap up. Wait! Not so fast. I haven’t finished my work.

I had only 4 hours of sleep last night, but I’m feeling great and grateful for a smooth functioning web page.

What 3 amazing challenges have I accomplished yesterday?

Yesterday’s accomplishments were not planned tasks but were the struggles with little things that didn’t work.

  1. I struggled the whole night optimizing my IT Fair web page for a traffic surge coming from SITEX 2019. New WordPress themes have given up on the Next-Previous navigation buttons in media attachment pages. I need them. I had to switch back to the Asteroid theme, but Adsense Auto Ads don’t work very well. ROI: Trickles of Adsense revenue.
  2. I struggled with trying to get my social media apps the post MOV files on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Android phone. MOV files, I discovered, cannot be read by most Android apps, like Facebook, Instagram and Adobe Premiere Rush, though they can be played back with Google Photos. Lesson: Next time, export all videos from Final Cut Pro X to MP4 instead of MOV.
  3. Wasted 3 hours of learning how to find viral posts on social media. Coz they all don’t make sense. They are temporary tactics and lack originality. Lesson: Might as well spend the time researching keywords for the long-term benefit.

What 3 challenges will I complete to make today great?

  1. Edit BMPCC 6K review part 2.
  2. Complete Davinci Resolve video editing online Course.
  3. Look out for Black Friday Deals at SITEX and online: Zhiyun Smooth Q2 (less than S$180)at Qoo10 or Lazada. Also Mistral 1.5L Kettle (less than S$35… S$29 from Lazada), Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacBook Pro 16″. Anker 10000mah USB-C. Tiny thumb drive.

And many many more…

  1. Add a new chapter to Smartphone Video Class. Teleprompter.
  2. Update my Video Marketing Strategy: While taking the time to create a 5-minute video, do the intro and outro first and post it on social media as a teaser. Include magic. Tik Tok loves magic… Linkedin too surprisingly.
  3. Transfer the 5 daily challenge videos to YouTube and WP blog.
  4. Create 5 posts on VIDEOLANE.COM including a DaVinci resolve training, Zhiyun smooth 4, DVD Creation, and Smartphone tricks. Also Google News. YT Q&A. Documentation.
  5. Complete Davinci Resolve video editing online Course.
  6. Complete ATEM Mini Review part 4. Preview monitoring.
  7. Post ATEM/HDMI set up Videos on It WORK$!
  8. Post #3 of 12 videos on Feiyu AK4000 Review and Tutorial. Next… FZ2500 and AK4000. Stabilization on. Balancing the head. Shutter control setting. Focus setting. Shoulder strap… Frustrations: White balance, Zoom control, Exposure control.
  9. Download live recording of 29 Oct 2019 smartphone video class. Edit and Sell online.
  10. Document VideoPad speech to text automatic subtitles.
  11. Create a list of missing features on Adobe Premiere Pro. Still, no way to add audio transition or audio fades on video clips in Adobe Premiere Rush. Still cannot unlink audio from video clips.
  12. Sell one old item on the FB market place.
  13. Personal projects: KL trip with Elton. Japan Trip. Kukup Trip.
  14. Discover DJI Mavic Mini.
  15. Visit Bukit Batok Nature Park. For the smartphone nature documentary.
  16. Solve Catalina and OBS issue…
  17. Check if ATEM Mini is available on Amazon. Then place affiliate links in all the video.
  18. Create InVideo Review Part 2 of 7.

Have been journaling on my blog for a week. Nothing’s changed. Still doing things slowly, but with more clarity.

Coming up next… What happened? What did not work? What did I learn?

See you in the next post.

From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

This morning’s sky


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