5-Star Hotel in Sentosa Singapore Pissed Me Off

I was at Sentosa Singapore last week for a videography assignment. It was a banquet at a 5-star hotel. The client also hired me to produce a video to be screened on the same night.

The hotel was to provide the video projection screen and audio system.

The video was played via a laptop. The picture was good. The audio was muffled. This has nothing to do with the laptop. Using headphones, one can hear that the audio was of high quality.

However the hotel technician told my client: "The original video sound is no good."


HELLO, I am the producer of the video standing right in front of you and you are a crew of a FIVE-STAR hotel in Sentosa Singapore.

GET your audio system fixed before passing comments like that. We are all third parties to the client who is holding the function. PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL.

At the end of the day, after many attempts by the technician to get the muffled audio fixed at his mixer, he still could not get it right. This led me to a suspicion that some conspiracy was going on. That's because the sound from the microphones and CD player were good.

Anyway, I am pissed. No apology was made. To make consumers be aware I was wondering if I should mention the 5-star Hotel name here?


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