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How to Write An Autobiography About Yourself

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Writing an autobiography is an ideal way to capture the stories of your life and the times you’ve lived in.

When writing an autobiography about yourself, focus on three major things:
  1. who you are in life
  2. what life means to you and
  3. what your outlook on the future is.
How to Write An Autobiography:
  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to do your writing.
  2. Sit down in front of a computer or with a pen and a few sheets of paper.
  3. Brainstorm and get your mind thinking about yourself.
  4. Write everything you can think of about yourself.
  5. Think about your family, friends and relationships.
  6. Think about your accomplishments. eg. awards, medals or trophies you've won in school or out of school.
  7. Include things that you might even consider small.
  8. Think as far back as you can remember.
  9. Start off with facts about your life. eg. when and where you were born, where you live, where you go to school and who you live with.
  10. A logical beginning would be your birth, but you may also want to start by giving an overview of your ancestors' stories.
  11. Examine your life for meaning and purpose. eg. Are you happy or sad? Do you have a lot of friends or just a few? How do you make your school days go by? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What are your favorite places to go on dates? How long have you been dating? If you are involved in a relationship, do you think it will last forever?
  12. Arrange events in the correct chronological order.
  13. Write down your thoughts and feelings about each event.
  14. Write your outlook on the future. eg. Pick a year and describe how it will be through your eyes. Where will you be? How will you be living? Will you be married? Will there be any kids? Who will you be married to? What is he/she like? How long will you have been together?
  15. Reading through it time and again.
  16. Add things or other events or awards that you have received.
  17. The best way to remember the past is to try and find things you have kept from that time. eg. Toys/dolls, Drawings & Paintings, School Report Cards, School Uniform (tie, badge), Things you made, Photographs, Certificates Medals & Awards, Diary/Journal Letters, Vacation Souvenirs Postcards, Music (tapes, records), Books you read, Clothing you wore, Movies from that time, Medical Records, Scrapbooks.
  18. Remember, you are doing this for you.
Adrian Lee

PS: Here are more resources on how to write an autobiography about yourself...

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