Wedding Videography - Singapore Wedding Videographer is Back

The Singapore Wedding Videographer is BACK.
- He's built a bigger company with more staff.
BADDER - He does not answer calls and never reply emails.
BOLDER - He serves only those who appreciates the best in wedding.


This is Adrian. I have left the wedding industry for the whole year of 2007 for two reasons. The first reason was that I want to spend quantity time with my kids. (I never seem to be with them when most of my weekends were fully booked with wedding shoot committment). The second reason was I wanted to build up my corporate videography department.

Now, I had a great time with my kids. My corporate business is now running on its own, with dedicated staff. Next, I will be moving on to my new "DVD Production" project.

In the mean time, I would like to apologize to those whom I have ignored request for wedding videography, and by popular demand, I have reserved some weekends this year for weddings again.

OK, this is not all about me. This is about you and your special day. Take a seat and I will go through with you the ultimate bridal videography production that best capture your wedding day memories. (Photo Montage and photography is optional)

First, the 2008 wedding video promotion. Take a look...

Adrian Lee
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