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Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License'


- I want to use my hdb home address for business.
- I want to use my hdb home as a home office.


- Home Office Scheme.
- Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme.


- The address can be used for business registration.
- Must install one 2-kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher to the office area.
- Must install one single-station smoke detector in the office area.
- Allows a maximum of 2 non-residents staff.
- Owner-occupied concessionary property tax rate continues to apply.
- All business income earned are subject to income tax.
- An administration fee of $20 is required.
- The approval granted is valid for 5 years.
- HDB will send the renewal notification.


- No employment of staff.
- Address cannot be used for business registration.
- No approval is needed.

This is not what I want. I want the address.


- Go to e-application Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS).
- Get ready SingPass and Credit Card.
- Can be submitted before or after business registration with ACRA.


- Print out the Application Status “Approved with Payment” and proceed to register/update business registration address at ACRA website .
- Advertise products and services on HBiz website. (Interesting!)


- Copied and Pasted link to the Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS).
- Selected Director/Business Owner.
- – Selected license:
Industries / Business Activities > Services > Theatrical, Video and Filming Services > Video filming and recording services >
- Entered business UEN.
(Found the Unique Entity Number, UEN, here…
- Entered SingPass.
- Filled a form for general information and particulars.
- Filled a form for Home Office Scheme (HDB).
- Checked declaration boxes.
- Paid S$20 with Visa.
- Downloaded a PDF Receipt.
- Received email confirming the application “Approved with Payment”.


- I can now run my small Videography business at home.
- The main activity will be Video Editing on a laptop.
- Meeting clients and video filming will be outside.

Adrian Lee

Next up:
- Apply for CPF Employer account.
- Apply for corporate bank account.
- Update business registration address at ACRA website.
- Advertise products and services on HBiz website.
- Install one 2-kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher to the office area.
- Install one single-station smoke detector in the office area.

Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License

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