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Put Video On Your Website

How to Put Video On Your Website that Draws Attention

Transparent player is one of the most powerful direct response web site video players on the net.Josh Anderson just released version 2 of Transparent Player.

This web video player can be very useful to engage viewers attention.

Made for internet marketers, Transparent Player is a direct response web site video player that is compatible with the latest version of flashplayer and playback of .flv videos as well as h.264 encoded video formats such as .mov and .mp4 .

I am IMPRESSED by its high quality resolution and fast load time!

Transparent Player is more than a traditional web site video player as it can do many incredible things no other commercially offered video player in the world can do including:

  • Trigger unblockable pop ups with opt-in form after a video plays.
  • Auto Scroll visitors from video to video and location to location.
  • Cookie a visitor to stop a video from playing again during later visits.
  • Trigger video to play from any linked images or text.

The best way to understand the power of Transparent Player is to watch the series of demo videos that play automatically when you first land on this page.


Adrian Lee


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