Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Singapore

I want to get a big phone for my wife. 

The Samsung Note 8 is too small. 

The Mi Max 2 is great but its out of stock. 

When is the Mi Max 3 coming?

First, why must buy Mi Max 3?

Here are the leaked and rumored specifications. 

1. It's BIG! It's got a 7-inch display. 

2. The battery is big too, at 5500mAh.

3. Dual lens rear camera! 12MP and 5MP.

4. Lots of memory. 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

5. So affordable, at a rumored price of US$266.

So when is the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 release date?

The Mi shop told me to come back next week to check it out. 

Adrian Lee


Here is Mi Max 2 at S$258.

Mi Max 2 ▶ https://qoo.tn/BSZcXR/Q100206579

Mi Max 2 Specs:

  • Released in June 2017
  • 6.44-inch display
  • 1080x1920 resolution
  • 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • 12MP main camera
  • 5MP selfie camera
  • Video 4K @ 30fps

Mi Max 2 ▶ https://qoo.tn/BSZcXR/Q100206579


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