Five Mobile Video Editing Apps for IGTV

The 5 mobile apps that could make you an IGTV influencer. 

IGTV allows you to create vertical videos up to 60 minutes long.

Anyone with a smartphone can become an IGTV video creator.

What is IGTV? IGTV is Instagram's new video sharing app.

Okay, it's easy to shoot vertical videos. It's the most natural way we hold our smartphone. What about editing vertical videos? 

We can use sophisticated editing software on our computer or MacBook Pro. Or we can get the job done easily with mobile video editing apps.

Are you dreaming of becoming a social video influencer? Then here are five mobile video editing apps you can try.

App #1 - Apple iMovie (iPhone) 

App #2 - GoPro Quik (iPhoneAndroid)

App #3 - Videoshop (iPhoneAndroid)

App #4 - Apple Clips (iPhone)

App #5 - Kinemaster (iPhoneAndroid)

Let's try them all and see which one works best.

Adrian Lee


IGTV also supports 4K videos.


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