The One Traffic Source Better Than Google and Facebook

That statement got me distracted for 2 solid hours. Shiny object alert!

This afternoon, I received an email from Stuart Walker that enticed me into reading and digesting this information.

Here are my notes and thoughts…
  • One traffic source better than Google, Facebook and Paid Ads.
  • Why Better? You are in control. The rest can shut you down anytime.
  • So I downloaded the 5-step system by Anik Singal. A free report.
    • Also better than other business models like Adsense, blogging, eCommerce, amazon and digital publishing.
    • Here’s the flow in a nutshell…
      • 1. Traffic: free, paid, invested.
      • 2. 1-page website: headline, bullet points, an image of a free giveaway, box to collect email.
      • 3. Database: Collected email leads
      • 4. Thank You Page: Don’t just say thank you, include a link to an affiliate offer.
      • 5. Email: Connect with subscribers, autoresponder, broadcasts.
  • The 5 Steps
    • Step 1: Build a 1-page website – the opt-in page
    • Step 2: Create a great free gift
    • Step 3: Choose a winning affiliate offer
    • Step 4: Write your emails
    • Step 5: Driving Traffic
  • Anik is the third expert this month advising me not to use autoresponders, but to send out broadcasts instead.
    • That may mean I can give up my $200+/year Aweber and go for the free WordPress Jetpack Subscription. Just a thought. Prove me wrong.
    • Ohh… with WordPress, I cannot offer a free giveaway.
  • The best type of email to send is the Hybrid email, a mix of content and promotional message through storytelling. Also the same advice as others.
  • The best traffic is investment traffic? I see… invest in Anik’s email media network.
  • Ok, I have been fooled. So email marketing isn’t the best source of traffic, as what got me started reading. You still need traffic from other sources to begin with. Sigh! 
    •  I am not saying it will not work. Just that we are still not in control… Anik is… as long as you “INVEST”, you are ok. Just guessing.
  • In this free report, Anik is selling me his “done for you” email marketing system LaunchPad.
  • I already have my own setup, but what’s missing is…
    • Affiliate link in Thank you pages
    • Sending out hybrid email broadcasts (like this post | I learn | I apply | I document)
    • More traffic to  the opt-in page – means more blogging, social media and Youtubing.
You know what? Suddenly I realised I read this report before.  Thanks, Stuart Walker.
Read the free report yourself and leave a comment. “The 5 step system I used to build a huge passive income using nothing but email

Adrian Lee
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