The Copy Paste Income I Need to Survive Monday Morning

Guarding myself against the anxiety of jobless days with this money making guide.
Monday morning is the time to think and plan.
Arranging the calendar and checking emails… then… a shiny object shimmered!
It promises,
  • Online income without a website
  • Make $3000 in one weekend
  • Includes 3 traffic magnets
  • Simply copy and paste
  • Costs $37
No harm trying this system to achieve my goal of earning $1000 a day.
Bought it. Completed the course in one sitting – 3 hours.
Learned how to make profitable digital products from scratch… just by copying and pasting!
The best part is, the package includes 10 done-for-me viral ebooks.
  1. Subscriber Secrets
  2. Secret Marketing Formula
  3. Preselling Secrets
  4. Internet X-Factor
  5. How to Create Affiliate Bonuses
  6. How to Boost Your Online Sales
  7. Ezine Secrets
  8. Email Profit Maximizer
  9. Effective List Building Secrets
  10. Easy Content Cash
Next step. Distribute using the 3 traffic magnets. Then create more viral mini ebooks for free… at least two a day.
I have followed the instructions, but will it work? Will the money come in?
Give it 5 days and I will post the results after using Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income System.
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