MacBook Users – Upgrade Your MacOS to Mac OS Sierra

I don’t just talk to SIRI on my iPhone. I also talk to her on my MacBook Pro.
On September 2016, Apple released the Mac OS Sierra.
Being on the cautious side, I am installing it today, 2 November 2016.
So, what’s new?
  • Also known as Mac OS 10.12
  • Free upgrade
  • Biggest new feature is Siri on Mac
  • Copy from one device and Paste to another
  • Apple Pay in Safari [[not my thing, I use Paypal]]
  • Unlock Mac with Apple Watch [[I don’t fancy wearing a watch]]
  • Storage space management by storing rarely used files on iCloud [[another way to make me pay for iCloud?]]
  • Updated Photos organizes images into albums called memories [[like on the iPhone, though I still prefer using Google Photos, so I can access them from non-Apple devices]]
  • Other new features Music & Movies [[I don’t use them]]
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