How to Prepare for a 2-day Videography Training Stint

Sample the anxiety I go through during this period.
Well, tomorrow is the day. The start of another 2 days of teaching.
How do I feel?
It’s like studying for my school exams all over… and this is for real.
For real?
I will be bombarded with questions tomorrow and my answers have to be correct.
So, how am I or what am I preparing?
  • Update slides with the latest information
  • Print out the worksheets for distribution
  • Update and Print out the attendance sheet
  • Upload updated course slides to private member site
  • Prepare certificates
  • Pack a luggage full of video production gear
  • Clean up my MacBook Pro for presentation
Then visualise or rather rehearse in my head the day’s proceedings.
  • Before class, talk personally with each participant to garner attention and interest.
  • Turn off background activities on the MacBook Pro to prevent lag.
  • Video record lessons while I teach.
  • Prepare refreshment. Coffee. Sugar. Creamer. Cups. Stirrer. Mineral water.
  • Take a group photo during the hands-on studio setup project.
This is an ongoing face-to-face class in Singapore where participants gather and learn how to make engaging videos to promote products and services on social media and websites.  2-day Camera Videography and Video Editing Course for Beginners [in Singapore]
Adrian Lee
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