How to Write an Effective Promotional Video Script - The Structure

What do you want your viewer to do after watching the video?

How do you get your viewer to do what you want them to do?

Aka… How to improve conversion.

1. Use the right target desire of your target audience. 
Q1 Is the desire big enough? 5 things: need, want, desire, problem, frustration.
Q2 Is the desire persistent? eg. food, health, travel, cars, beauty,
Q3 Are there enough people in the world with the same desire?

2. The right video structure or an effective script.  Leads viewer all the way to take action.
Structure 1. AIDCA attention interest desire conviction action.
Structure 2.  Why, what, how, what if (scenarios and case studies), now (call to action).
Structure 3.  SPIN selling. For face to face selling. Situation, problem, …

===THE GIST of it all===
Gideon Structure (GS).
GS1. Target Audience / problem match. Tell viewer about the problem to qualify the match.
GS2. Problem / Solution match. Build an intriguing story / experience. From pain to discovering the solution.
GS3. Main benefit / feature / how to. Sales video use benefit and feature.  Content video use how to or how the solution works.
GS4. Trigger.  Moving and Getting viewer ready to take action. 6 triggers: Scarcity, social proof, reciprocity (you give something 1st), authority (get celebrity or expert endorsement), commitment and consistency, liking (getting people to like and trust you).
GS5. Call to Action.  Use more of interacting within YouTube (like, subscribe and comment).  Then occasionally link to external site (click).

3. The right call to action.  What do you want people to do.
6 possible actions: subscribe, like, comment, share, embed, click (on squeeze page, sales page, FB page, YT subscribe link, annotation).

Think of all your YouTube videos as an ad.

Recommended Book.
1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini

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Adrian Lee

PS: Gideon’s Product Splasheo, an online video outro creation app is great for beginners.  In a long run, you may want to edit your own UNIQUE business video

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