How to Make a Quad Split Screen in Adobe Premiere Elements

A "quad split screen" is a video showing four clips at the same time and here's how it's done in Adobe Premiere Elements.

  1. I have already imported the four video clips into Premiere Elements.
  2. Drag the first video clip from Project Assets panel onto Video 1 track in the timeline.
  3. Drag the second clip to Video 2 track.
  4. Drag the third clip to Video 3.
  5. Drag the forth clip onto the empty space above the Video 3 track. Drop it there and the Video 4 track is automatically created.
    Note: The higher track will cover the lower tracks, so you cannot see the clips below.
  6. Trim the four clips to the same duration.
  7. Select the clip on Video 4 by clicking on it.
  8. Open Applied Effects panel on the right.
  9. Open Motion tab.
  10. Change the Scale to 50%.
  11. Move the video clip in the preview monitor to one corner.
    Note: If you cannot see anything in the preview monitor, place the playhead somewhere in the middle of the clips.
  12. Repeat steps 7 to 11 for the other 3 clips.
  13. Align the clips so there are no gaps in between.
    Note: You need precision and mathematics to get the right coordinates. So here's the trick.  Draw lines between them.
  14. Go to the Action Bar below and click on Titles & Text tab.
  15. Select General category.
  16. Drag Default Text on the empty space inside the timeline above Video 4 track.  Video 5 track will automatically be created.
  17. Adjust the length of the title clip to fit the duration of the 4 videos below.
  18. Click on the title clip to select it.  An adjustments panel will open.
  19. Click on Shapes tab.
  20. Click on the rectangle tool.
  21. Go into the preview monitor and draw a thin vertical rectangle right in the middle of the screen.
  22. While the thin rectangle is still selected, click on the Text tab in the Adjustments panel.
  23. Click the 2 Align icons to centralise the vertical rectangle/line.
  24. Draw a horizontal line with the same thickness by copying and pasting the vertical line. Rotate 90 degrees and lengthen across the screen.
  25. While the thin rectangle is still selected, centralise it in the Text tab.
    Note: Now with 4 videos playing at the same time, the audio is going to be very noisy. SO let turn down the audio.
  26. Open up the audio waveform and drag the audio volume rubber band down to zero.
There you have it! A Quad Split Screen made in Adobe Premiere Elements.

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Adrian Lee
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