GoPro Hero4 Quick Summary

Here's a Quick Summary of the new GoPro Hero4 (watch the video).
  • Released 3 October 2014
  • 3 models - 2 high-end and 1 budget 
  • 170-degree wide angle lens
  • Hero4 Black - 4k, 30fps, 1080p 120fps, no more roller shutter effect. US$499
  • Hero4 Silver - 2.7K, 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 720p 120fps, touch screen,  US$399
  • Both waterproof to 131 feet, includes wifi and bluetooth for easy transfers, and can take 12MP stills.
  • Entry level GoPro Hero - 1080p, 30fps, 720p 60fps,  US$129
Why I like the GoPro Hero4

  • Not just for shooting action anymore
  • Can shoot places where I wouldn’t put my smartphone camera. e.g. underwater.
  • Designed to be rugged, so I can experiment with it. e.g. hook it to my fishing line.

  • Adrian Lee
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