How to Put Aweber Form into Wordpress Post with Visual Editor

The search is over. A plugin for Aweber form.

Almost gave up using Aweber.

Coz Wordpress kept deleting the Aweber script.

I have to re-insert the script every time I re-edit a post.

Tried all the Wordpress plugins for Aweber.

None of them worked the way I wanted them to.

Either they allow only 1 list or they insert the form to every post.

What I want is to insert forms to specific posts.

I also want to insert the form anywhere in the post.

Then the solution came along.

It has nothing to do with Aweber.

The plugin did not even mention Aweber in the description.

Thanks to this informative interview video...

The answer is to use Shortcoder...

Problem solved!

Do you have any other solutions?

Adrian Lee
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