Final Cut Pro X Introduces New Features and Enhancements in Version 10.1.2

When opening a project in FCPx today, I was asked to upgrade it to a current version.  This project was done only 2 weeks ago. That means FCPx must have automatically upgraded itself.  Upon checking out the Help menu, I found that my FCPx is now version 10.1.2.  Here are the new features and enhancements.

Media Management  

  • Store optimised, proxy, and rendered media outside the library, at the location you choose.  That means I can store the temporary files in a folder and easily delete that whole folder after the project.  (+1 point)
  • Can also easily delete optimised, proxy, and render files from within Final Cut Pro. This was the feature on my wish list. (+ 1 point)
  • View and set storage locations for media, cache files, and library backup files using the Library Properties inspector. I got used to the automatic storage location setting. So, there is nothing to celebrate about this feature.
Set storage location


  • You now have the option to show only unused media in the Browser.  Bravo!  (+1 point)
  • Used media indicators now work with compound clips, multi cam clips, and synced clips.
  • You can now sort events in the Libraries list by date or name.  
Show only unused media

Support for wide-dynamic-range imagery from professional 4K cameras

  • The new Apple ProRes 4444 XQ codec is the highest-quality version of Apple ProRes for 4:4:4:4 image sources (including alpha channels), with a very high data rate to preserve the detail from today’s highest-quality digital image sensors. 
  • You can apply a standard broadcast color space (Rec. 709) look in real time to high-dynamic-range and wide-color-gamut video shot on ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, and Sony cameras. 

Audio Workflow

  • You can now adjust the relative or absolute volume of a clip or range selection by entering a specific dB value.  I thought this basic feature was there all along, but hidden from me.  Now I know. (+ 1 point)
  • Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 provides improved speed and accuracy when syncing clips.  Must test this for myself, especially with hour-long seminar videos. 
  • New live audio recording features include an automatic countdown and automatic grouping of multiple takes into auditions.  I am not a fan of auditions yet.
  • The new Basic Surround preset simplifies panning for surround sound audio. 
Adjust absolute volume

Import and Export Features

  • Export and import entire libraries as single XML files using XML 1.4.  
  • Create keywords from Finder tags when you import media from a storage device. 
  • Quickly export cuts-only projects containing XDCAM media.

Other Notable Features

  • You can now import media by dragging it from the Finder to the Browser (rather than to the event in the Libraries list). 
  • Nudging a clip in the Timeline now works like a slide edit. 
  • You can now break apart an audition.
Ok, these are the new features in Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2.  Less than half the enhancements really affect my professional and corporate video work… the rest are for broadcast video production. I am happy.  

Adrian Lee
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