Working in a Foreign Country for 3 days

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The 3-day stint in Pattaya Thailand made me think about the way I operated my videography business.

Everything I needed to shoot a professional event video was packed into 2 luggages. That included a laptop.

The contents in the bags were taken out and rearranged… from flight mode to production mode. That means the big luggage was left in the room while only the smaller one went to work with me.

I was thinking if all I need was 2 bags and a hotel room, then what were those heaps of things in my office. Why did I need the office in the first place.

This overseas job further justified my decision to downsize the business.


A hotel room with 2 super single beds with just me and my 2 luggages made the most comfortable office ever. I could work all day here I thought at first, but the beds begged me to go under their covers, which I easily succumbed to… but not before tucking my gadgets to sleep.


The corner of the writing table was converted into a charging station for the main camcorder battery, the backup camcorder battery, the HP laptop and from the HP laptop to the iPhone.

So just like me, my gadgets needed to recharge for another day of work next morning.

I learnt that working in a foreign country freed my mind from the usual cares and distractions back at home… maybe this should be called a business-holiday trip.

Adrian Lee


After a hard day of work, it was surprisingly pleasant to see little treats appearing from nowhere.

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