Comparing New HP Pavilion dv6 vs Old HP Pavilion dm3

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Spent S$1299 at the PC Show on an Intel Core i7 HP laptop.

Very much heavier and uglier than my old Intel Core 2 Duo HP laptop.

Even the AC power adapter is bulkier.

However, bigger and heavier are trade offs for more power.

More power is what I seriously need for multitasking.

Many times I need to render 2 videos simultaneously while editing another and upload yet another.

Yes I can do that with a desktop, but I am a videographer on the move and work anywhere and everywhere.

I want churn out videos fast, so that I can deliver them to clients and get my money fast.

Now I am working on removing other loads in my backpack so I can travel light with my new baby, the HP Pavilion dv6.

Adrian Lee


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