Swimming in Macau Venetian Casino Hotel

Day2, 16 March 2010, 11.00am: Swim in Venetian Hotel
Breakfast was Dim Sum at the Festivia Food Court.
It's 15 degrees celcius outside and the kids wanted to swim.
Great! There's a heated swimming pool in Venetian Hotel.
Looks like they are the only swimmers in the pool.

While the kids swim, I made myself comfortable on a deck chair.

The ladies sheltered themselves from the cold wind.

The elegant structure of the pool entrance.

Enough of Macau Venetian Hotel.
Time to get out and explore Macau!

 The good thing about Venetian Hotel is the free shuttle buses.
You can get to the Airport, Ferry Terminals, Sands Hotel, ZhuHai customs.
The free shuttle buses are located at the West Lobby of Venetian Hotel.

We are traveling free and easy and most Macau's attractions are linked from Sands Hotel.
It's just about 15-minute ride from Venetian Hotel to Sands Hotel.

Let's explore Macau!

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