Exploring Macau Venetian Casino Hotel

15 March 2010, 2.30pm: Macau Venetian Casino Hotel.
How big is Macau Venetian Hotel?
It takes about 30 minutes to get from point to point.
We stayed in the North Wing.
The reference point is the centre, the Great Hall.
Get to the Great Hall and you can find your way around.
From the great hall, you can peek into the casino.
A rare view for the kids who are not allowed into the casino.
 Look up at the ceiling and you see Michaelangelo's paintings.

Food is reasonably cheap in the Festivia Food Court.
Looks like it's always blue skies in the Food Court.
That's where we settle most of our lunch and dinner.
A standard bowl of wanton noodle is just MOP30.
MOP (Macanese Pataca) is Macau's local currency.
They accept HKD and RMB too.
MOP30 is about SGD6.

Talk about food, you must try the Portuguese Egg Tart.
Macau, historically a Portuguese town, is famous for their egg tarts.
Scorched honey on the top.
Sweet yellow creamy fluff inside.
Crispy crumbly crust outside.

Not all stores sell the same type of Portuguese egg tart.
We tried a few stores and the best came from Koi Kei.
Yes, they have a Koi Kei store right in the walkway of Venetian Hotel.

After satisfying our gastronomy desire, it's time to play.
Sent the kids to Qube, a giant indoor playground.
The adults indulge in the thrill of casino money spinning.

Spent the night rolling and dicing.
Doubled my money then returned it.
That's the thrill of casinos.

Looking forward to Day 2 in Macau.

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