Royalty-Free Stock Footage For Video Production

Top 10 Royalty-Free Stock Footage Video Sites

Stock footage are video footage that is not custom shot for use in a specific video production. Stock footage is of great use as it is far cheaper than shooting a needed scene. Use of stock footage is a cost-effective way to add production values to projects and when artfully done is indistinguishable from the body of the work.

Royalty-free” is a type of a stock footage license that provides for the unlimited use of a video footage in any media defined in the licensing terms. “Royalty-free” is the opposite of “rights-managed.” A rights-managed video footage needs a specific license stating the audience and material surrounding the video footage.

Here are the Top 10 Royalty-Free Stock Footage Video Sites based on Alexa Traffic Ranking:

  1. iStockVideo
    Alexa Ranking #386
  2. Internet Archive Stock Footage
    Alexa Ranking #426
  3. Getty Images Footage
    Alexa Ranking #1,618
  4. Shutter Stock Footage
    Alexa Ranking #1,966
  5. FotoSearch Video Footage
    Alexa Ranking #3,489
  6. Stockxpert
    Alexa Ranking #4,566
  7. Digital Juice
    Alexa Ranking #28,760
  8. Artbeats
    Alexa Ranking #84,701
  9. RevoStock
    Alexa Ranking #141,754
  10. Thought Equity Motion
    Alexa Ranking #163,518

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PS: If these are the Top 10 Royalty-Free Stock Footage Video Sites, then that means there are many videos using the same footage. Make your video unique, go to the rest of the Royalty-Free Stock Footage Video Sites.

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