How to Extract DVD Menu Only

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How to Extract DVD Menu Only? This is a strange request but a valid one. Most commercial softwares let you extract the main video and not the menu. The reason most clients want to extract the menu is because it looks good and they want to use it again in another video compilation.I am not referring to movie DVDs here, but corporate video DVDs belonging to the client. Their previous videographers have done a good job with the motion menu which is worth re-using.

The point to note is, once the menu is extracted, it is just a pure video clip and not interactive anymore.

Here are the 5 steps to Extract DVD Menu Only.

Download, install and run freeware DVD Shrink. Works on Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista. Insert DVD into DVD drive.

Step #1: Select Open Disc. Select DVD Drive.

Step #2: Select Re-author.

Step #3: Select Menu Video.

Step #4: Select Backup. Select folder to save the extracted file.

Step #5: Click OK. Wait for encoding.

The menu will be extracted and encoded in VOB file format. A good video editing software will be able to read it. I tested using Windows Movie Maker to convert the VOB file to AVI file and it worked.


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