CD DVD Duplication Made Easy

Vinpower Digital created a standalone cd dvd duplicator with lightscribe label printer built in. In collaboration with LightScribe, the new system offer the ability to inscribe text and graphic labels directly onto CDs and DVDs without connecting to a computer.

The SharkCopier LS is used as a cd dvd printer by first creating the label graphic art on a computer, then loading the image onto the duplicator for disc label duplication.

Using the SharkCopier LS is easy with these simple steps.

1) Insert the LightScribe CDs or DVDs into the drives with label side face down
2) The duplicator will laser-inscribe the loaded image onto the discs
3) Flip the disc over in the same drive with the data side face down
4) The duplicator will copy the selected data

The SharkCopier LS is available in various sizes from 1-to-1 up to 1-to-15.

The major advantage of the SharkCopier LS system is that it eliminates the concerns of running out of ink or thermal ribbon commonly found in printer based disc publishing systems.

The major setback is that lightscribe still print in mono colors.

Adrian Lee
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