I won $42million...

..in my dream last night.

I was in a live online competition where participants compete to design the best web site within a time limit.

I won, but did not know the prize was so big.

Doubtfully, I questioned the organizer whether I should purchase anything from them in order to claim my prize.

They said I don't have to, it's mine.

Upon claiming, it wasn't a $42million cash prize, but $42million worth of software.

Just one software. They gave me a container load of the same software. They come in shiny brown boxes. I couldn't make out the title.

I thought to myself. Hmmm... how am I going to sell them all?

...a night in the dreams of a Videographer.

Anyway, the dream was a follow-through to what I was doing last night. Creating a website to catch a current hot topic.


Football or soccer? Whatever. Catch the fever. Be part of the game. Make big money. View the world's top sites and searches for football, FIFA and the World Cup.
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