The Coconut Islands Adventure

6am. Started queing for ferry ticket at harbourfront.

7am. Boarded ferry Penguin 16.

730am. Penguin 16 departs harbourfront. 1 hour journey. A cool ride with can playing on tv.

830am. Arrival at Sekupang Batam. A man at the landing platform was holding a sign board with my name. He helped me cleared customs while I waited at the platform where I could see the speed boat waiting for me.

This is by far the fastest speed boat I have ever experienced. Look at the double engines. It is practically flying... With plenty of air pockets. It was a bumpy ride. I was told this will be a 2-hour journey.

Indeed it was a 2-hour bumpy ride on a flying speed boat. I hear only the engine roar and smell diesel. Passed by about 10 other islands before arriving at the 1st coconut island, Pulau Burung.

1030am. Like in james bond movies. You are greeted by security that don’t speak english and waits for you to speak first.

This coconut plantation is humongus. Bigger than the size of 2 Singapores. Another boat ride in their man made canal to shoot the the harvest of coconuts and pineapples. They come by the millions every day.

The canal seems endless. A network of 300km. How are we going to finish shooting this island in 3 hours!

Hence back in the factory, shoots were done like a marathon. Its exactly like ippt 2.4km run. You feel like falling but you got to persevere. Running with a camcorder and a tripod is no easy feat when prolonged. The factory wasn’t just 1 building but more than 10 of them. Travelling was on foot.

130pm. Lunch break. Nice private meal but excessive. The pineapple juice was one of a kind. Had extra servings of it. Liquid was all I desire.

After lunch it rained. We still have not completed island 1. The prospect of staying overnight loomed large.

Another marathon running shoot in the rain. This time security officers followed... To carry the umbrella.

I was rushed immediately to the speedboat after the shoot.

Off to island 2. I didn’t even note the time. Busily gulping liquid.

Island 2 was more modernised as compared to rural island 1. There we only did the factory shoots. Again in marathon style. My legs gave way with cramps. Nobody knew as I persevered.

The shoot ended in good time. The reward? Cool refreshing flavored coconut juice. Packed some.

630pm. Back on the bumpy flying speedboat. Beautiful sunset. Sense of satisfaction. End of adventure. Lets go home. Take a day off tomorrow.

But wait! The client wants to sit in to cut this video tomorrow. They must send the footages out to the tv new station by monday...
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