15 SWF to MPG DVD With Sound In Less Than One Hour

While rushing for a client to compile 15 animated SWF flash files with sound to a DVD, I discovered that software encoders were way too slow.

Spent the whole afternoon figuring out the fastest way to do it.

Then it hit me.

It was just a near impossible thought, but I experimented anyway.

It worked!

The requirement was to convert each SWF file to MPG, then edit them to fit the TV screen safety margin and finally rearrange the sequence before putting them on DVD.

Using traditional methods, this will take a few hours! Manually editing and rendering.

So I thought... why not play the SWF file full screen, output it via the S-video out from the PC into the DV camcorder (at the same time connect the PC audio line out to the camcorder line in), then from the same camcorder firewire out back to the PC. Finally at the PC end, capture straight to DVD.

It's a LOOP. Screen capture out from PC then back again. Impossible?

No. It worked!

The sound was great too. Further, there were no dropouts.

All I needed was a flash file player that can add a playlist of SWF files and can play full screen, which I found free on the web.
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