I Am So Impressed with My Kids' Concert Performance.

This day, 3 September 2005, I turned away all videography job offers for a very important event.

For the first time, both Cheryl and Phoebe performed (dance) on stage together at the Victoria Concert Hall. It was Phoebe's first time on stage and Cheryl's 3rd or 4th.

I am so impressed that the small one at only 4 year's old can perform so confidently. It didn't seem so during rehearsals. A proud father I am.

The item was captured on video of course, zoomed in on the two of them.

PS: What impressed me also was the performance director, Ms Ivy, Cheryl's piano teacher. I thought she was just a piano teacher. No way! She could put together a band, a choir and a bunch of restless dancing kids.
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