D Blog #1: PremierePro, Podcast, 90seconds

28 May 2018

10 am

Premiere Pro problem.

Export keep failing at the end of the render.

Wasted hours yesterday.

I have a delivery to make today.

6 1-hour-long edited 3-cam seminar video.

Installed Premiere Pro May 2018 update.

Exporting again.

Let’s see what happens.

10.30 am

I messed up Premiere Pro default workspace layout.

I want back the original default editing layout.

Reverting to saved layout does not help, coz saved layout is not the default.

I will now have to tinker with a config file.


This is my messed up saved layout…

I know I can customise it. I just want the original.

I will delete the workspace config file after the export is done.

12 noon

  • Podcast is the next big thing.

1 pm

I just saw an ad about a platform where you can earn money from your videography and video editing skills. http://90seconds.com.sg

I joined…



To be continued… Follow me… Like and subscribe…

Adrian Lee


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