iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Cost in Singapore

Are you thinking of replacing the battery of your slowing-down iPhone 6?

Are you deciding whether to get a new but expensive iPhone 8 or X?

Thanks to this WSJ article and video, the decision is made.


So, Apple admits it is intentionally slowing iPhones with weak batteries.

iOS 11 detects worn out batteries and slows down power intensive apps.

They do this so that your old phone won’t suddenly shut down.

Now I know why my iPhone is getting so slow… What’s NEXT?

Before the news, I was already hunting for battery replacement.

1. Apple Service Singapore S$118

The first place to check out is none other than Apple in Singapore.


WOW! S$118 to get a new battery for my old phone.

Is there a cheaper alternative? I asked around.

2. Phone Repair Shops S$40 to S$80

Yes, some phone repair shops offer battery replacement from S$40 to S$80.

Someone recommended the S$40 one at Toa Payoh near the bus interchange.

I was ready to go there, yet hesitant to let a stranger pry open my iPhone 6.

I want to resell my iPhone 6 in pristine condition, you know.

Then I watched WSJ video post… there is a third solution.


3. External Power Bank Case S$39.90

A casing with an external battery built-in may be the best solution.

I searched Qoo10 and found this…

3800mAh External Power Bank Case For iPhone 6 / 6s Plus with Free Tempered Glass

At the time of posting this article, 21 December 2017, the price is S$59.90 S$39.90.

Which iPhone 6 battery replacement option will you choose?

  1. Apple Service Singapore S$118
  2. Phone Repair Shop S$40 to S$80
  3. External Power Bank Case S$39.90

I think I will pick option 3 for now.

FYI. In the meantime, I have a temporary replacement for my iPhone 6 and it’s an Android.

~ from the Journal of Adrian Lee

PS: If you are thinking of buying my 128GB iPhone 6, let me know your offer.

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