Bug Kills iPhone on December 2nd | Xiaomi Takes Over SIM Card | Mi A1 Review Part 4


Feeling lucky to have a new phone on standby.

2nd December 2017, 10am, I turned on my iPhone 6.

As usual, a few notifications appeared.

In less than 30 seconds, the iPhone went dead.

Time to transfer my SIM card to the new Xiaomi Mi A1.

After transferring, I took a few more steps to get the phone running.

1. Turn off and on
2. Make a test phone call
3. Install Whatsapp

The Mi A1 is now officially my new phone.

I am beginning to love this phone.

Check it out here…

Shot a few video and edited them directly on the device.

I will reveal what I think about the camera and video editing power in the next post.

In the meantime, like and subscribe… see you in the next one!

~ from the Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore
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Wait… I still need my iPhone. How do I fix it?

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