BlueSG Electric Car Rental in Singapore

It’s right downstairs where we live, Punggol.

For weeks, I have seen the construction two charging stations at our carpark.

This morning, 6 December 2017, two white smallish cars are parked there.

Yes, they are white, not blue… though their name is BlueSG.

It’s the first electric car sharing service in Singapore.

First Thought

The first thing that came to my mind is the ugly Singaporean.

Will they park irresponsibly or throw it down from a height?

At least that’s what happened to the bike sharing situation.

BlueSG Locations

This is a one-way rental scheme (See how it works).

You pick the car from one location and return in another.

So, knowing where to return the car is very important.

See their full map of BlueSG locations in Singapore here.

BlueSG Price

I will be moving some big stuff soon and the car will come in handy.

So how much must we pay to use the car?

There are two plans. A one week plan and a one year.plan.

The one-week plan is S$0 per month and you drive the car for S$0.50 per minute.

The one-year plan costs S$15 per month but you drive the car at S$0.33 per minute.

So, that means a 30-minute drive costs S$15 for the one-week plan.

Alternative Comparison

Unless you own the car, it is only a vehicle to get you from point A to point B.

How is the price compared to using Uber, Grab, or Taxi?

How is the price compared to renting from TribeCar or Smove?

Please share your thoughts.




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